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Welcome to the go-to site for scratchbuilders!

Knife cutting plans

First of all, we are still "Under Construction" as this website will always be somewhat of a work-in-progress. So some of the links may not have very much information yet. We do ask that you please consider helping this site be a resource with great information by offering some of the sites you frequent as a scratchbuilder, and any tips or helpful information that is useful to you in your scratchbuilding efforts. So, this being the introduction of this site, we'd like to help you "get around" the place and become acquainted with us.

Firstly, we are aiming to be the "go to" site for scratchbuilders for a variety of things -

- Links to plans for scratchbuilding (from newbies to veterans)
- How to understand batteries, motors, aerodynamics, etc.
- How to build test equipment (thrust stands, motor mounts, etc.)
- Where to buy scratchbuilding supplies (foam, wood, motors, servos, more)
- What other people are up to in scratchbuilding (people like you - yes, YOU!)
- And a whole lot more!

Airplane in grass picture

So let's take a quick tour!

From the Plans page, there will be links to various sites where a variety of foam, balsa and other plans can be found. Please be sure to add your suggestions to this page. The more you contribute the places you find plans ideas, the more this site will help others (and the more others contribute, the more it helps you!). So... don't hold back! If everyone shares just one site where they have found ideas, plans, 3-views - we'll all benefit in the long run, right?

Tech Tips will be one of those place we hope you'll want to come back to again and again. Many of the radio control forums have excellent tech tips that are passed along, but unfortunately, it can take a lot of digging through searches and asking lots of questions to find those answers - and it still may not be the one you're looking for! Our long-term goal is to begin the process of centralizing all that information in a way that it's easier to find. The Tech Tips page will be the place to find it.

At the Useful Links page there will be links to various sites where scratchbuilding materials and components can be purchased. Again, please contribute your ideas to this page, so each of us can help others find great places to purchase scratchbuilding materials and parts.

We plan to have the links to the current issue of our Monthly Columns listed right here on the home page, and when we're at the point of having "past issues", you'll be able to find them in the Columns link on the left.

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On the right side of the site, you can find our Featured Builder of the Month as well as the Featured Plane, as chosen by our all volunteer staff. Additionally, we'll try to have a Featured Video every month so you can watch others fly their scratchbuilt creations.

For example, here's one of my favorite profile foamies, my Stephens Akro blue fan-fold foamie:

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So... what do you think? Let us know! Be sure to complete all fields; otherwise you'll reach an "Error" page. Because we respect your privacy, we won't sell, rent or in any way share your email address with any other company or individual.

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Thanks for your interest in RCScratchbuilders.com - we are seeking to supplement many of the forums and plans pages that are available in many places across the internet for scratchbuilders. Since we have very little advertising listed on this site (that's intentional - we don't want the appearance of any bias towards or against any company or individuals), if you find this site useful and helpful, please consider making a donation to us. All our efforts are 100% volunteer at this time, so any donation you can offer is immensely appreciated.

Keep the skies alive with new and amazing flying machines - it's the best way to build on the original dream of Wilbur and Orville.

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